Wednesday, May 5

Coleus Again

For about 6 months I would say, I have been
photographing Coleus quite intensely.
There is something in the patterns of their leaves
that calls me back to them again and again.
I am their slave.

I have even begun growing them at home, just as
my mother did. Even as a boy and a young man, I
admired them, but nothing to the degree that
I do now. I've not had any of my own
until now.

So far the photos that I have taken have
shown hints of what I am after but it's not
been enough.
But this latest attempt seems to
move closer to the core.
It registers some clicks on
the Geiger Counter for me.

I couldn't put it into words. Except that
it's possible that the picture that I am
seeking is not about coleus at all, but
something that is being carried in those
patterns. They are a kind of code that, not in any
conscious way of course, I recognise and am
driven to follow.